About The DRC

As the second-largest country on the African continent, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is emerging as a stable and promising leader in Africa, with improved security, a growing economy, and a commitment to democratic governance. Since the signing of a peace accord in 2002 that ended years of civil conflict, the Congolese people have taken critical steps in forming a unified military, establishing new foundations for economic progress, and pursuing democratic aspirations guided by the 2005 Constitution.

Rich in both human and natural resources, the DRC has established policies that are generating strong economic growth as well as interest and engagement by international investors. Its entrepreneurial workforce has demonstrated both resilience and determination, giving the DRC one of the world’s highest economic growth rates in 2014. To support this progress and future potential, the nation’s infrastructure is being rebuilt at an unprecedented rate, with new roads, schools, and hospitals under construction—both promoting employment and stimulating further commercial activity.

The DRC is known for its vast resources and diverse wildlife, including a large portion of the second largest tropical forest in the world, the Congo Basin. The country is home to 1,000 bird species, more than 400 fish species, 10,000 species of plants, and three of the world’s four great apes. Breathtaking protected habitats are located in the DRC, including Garamba National Park and Virunga National Park—the world’s oldest nature preserve of its kind. The DRC also possesses nearly 80 million hectares of arable land and more than 1,100 minerals and precious metals.


DRC by the numbers:
  • 11th largest country in the world by land mass
  • Population: 77,433,744
  • Median Age: 17.9 years (17.7 years for males, 18.1 years for females)
  • Economic Growth Rate (2014): 9.0%
  • Population Growth Rate: 2.5%
  • Urban Population: 42% of total
  • Language: French (official), Lingala, Kingwana, Kikongo, Swahili and Tshiluba
  • Religious Affiliation: 45% Roman Catholic, 40% Protestant (including evangelicals), 5% Church of Jesus Christ on Earth through the Prophet Simon Kimbangu (Kimbanguist), 5% Muslim, less than 5% other

In the late 19th century, King Leopold II of Belgium established a personally-held colony in the Congo basin region of Central Africa. In 1885, this territory was formally recognized as the Congo Free State. King Leopold relinquished control of the territory to the Belgian government in 1908, upon which it became known as Belgian Congo.

Indigenous protests in the 1950s led to independence from Belgium in 1960, with the following years fraught with political and social instability. In 1965, the commander in chief of the national army, Lieutenant General Joseph Mobutu, seized control of the country and declared himself president. He later changed the country’s name to Zaire and went on to lead it for 32 years.

The Constitution

Over the last decade, the DRC Government has worked to build a new Congo with an inclusive, transparent and democratic government that can provide a better future for all citizens. Having emerged from conflict under the leadership of President Joseph Kabila, the Congolese people have taken critical steps in pursuing democratic aspirations guided by the DRC’s Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and religion. To read the Constitution, simply click on the PDF below.

Fact Sheets

Congolese Embassies & Other Institutions

Congolese Embassies

Democratic Republic of the Congo in South Africa
791 Schoeman Street
Arcadia, 0083
P.O. Box 28795
Sunnyside 0132

TEL: (+27) 12 343 24 55
FAX: (+27) 12 344 40 10
EMAIL: rdcongo@lantic.net
Democratic Republic of the Congo in the United Kingdom
45-49 Great Portland Street
London W1W 7LT

TEL: (+44) 20 7580 3931
FAX: (+44) 20 7580 8713
EMAIL: info@ambarde-londres.gouv.cd
EMAIL: missionreclondres@gmail.com
WEB: www.ambardc-londres.gouv.cd
Democratic Republic of the Congo in Sweden
Stjärnvägen 2, 7th floor
Box: 1171
181 23 Lidingö

TEL: (+46) 8 765 83 80
FAX: (+46) 8 765 85 91
EMAIL: missionrdchbstockholm22@gmail.com
EMAIL: info@ambardcstockholm.com
WEB: www.ambardcstockholm.com
Democratic Republic of the Congo in Kenya
Electricity House, 12th floor
Harambee Avenue
P.O. Box 48106
00100 Nairobi

TEL: (+254) (20) 222 9772 / 1
FAX: (+254) (20) 375 4253
EMAIL: nairobi@ambardcke.org
EMAIL: missionrdcnairobi10@gmail.com
Democratic Republic of the Congo in India
B-3 / 61, Safdarjung Enclave
New Delhi 110057

TEL: (+91) 11-4166 0976
TEL: (+91) 11-2318 3354
FAX: (+91) 11-4166 3152
EMAIL: congoembassy@yahoo.co.in
Democratic Republic of the Congo in France
32, cours Albert 1er
75008 Paris

TEL: (+33) 1
FAX: (+33) 1
FAX: (+33) 1
EMAIL: ambacongoparis@orange.fr
WEB: www.ambardcparis.com
Democratic Republic of the Congo in China
6, Dong Wu Jie
San Li Tun
Beijing 100600

TEL: (+86) 10 6532 3224
TEL: (+86) 10 6532 1621
FAX: (+86) 10 6532 1360
Democratic Republic of the Congo in Russia
Leninsky Prospect, 148 m. 25-26

TEL: (+7) (495) 514-18-03
FAX: (+7) (495) 514-18-03
EMAIL: missionrdcmoscou48@gmail.com
Democratic Republic of the Congo in Poland
Ul. Bobrowicka 3 m. 78
00-728 Warszawa

TEL: (+48) 22 400 03 93
FAX: (+48) 22 416 14 97
EMAIL: ambardcvarsovie@yahoo.fr
Democratic Republic of the Congo in the Czech Republic
Soukenická 34
110 00 Praha 1

TEL: (+420) 222 316 762
FAX: (+420) 222 312 218
EMAIL: ambardcprague@yahoo.fr
Democratic Republic of the Congo in Italy
Via Barberini, 3
00187 Roma

TEL: (+39) 06 420 10 779
FAX: (+39) 06 420 10 779
EMAIL: ambassaderdcrome@yahoo.it
Democratic Republic of the Congo in Vatican City
Via del Castro Pretorio 28 int. 2
00185 Roma

TEL: (+39) (06) 446.58.29
FAX: (+39) (06) 446.58.29
EMAIL: missionrdcvaticantrois@gmail.com
Democratic Republic of the Congo in the USA
1100 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 725
Washington, D.C. 20036

TEL: 202.234.7690
FAX: 202.234.2609
FAX: 202.223.3377
EMAIL: ambassade@ambardcusa.org
Democratic Republic of the Congo in Canada
TEL: (613) 230-6583
FAX: (613) 230-1946
EMAIL: info@ambardcongocanada.ca

Other Institutions

5. Avenue du Roi Baudouin
B.P. 8931 kin 1

TEL: +243 81 5555667
FAX: +243 81 555 55 81
EMAIL: cabinet@primature.cd
Skype: primaturerdc
WEB: www.primature.cd
Ministère des Postes, Télécommunications et NTIC
Avenue des Huileries (De la démocratie)
Proche de la direction générale de la REGIDESO
Gombe – Kinshasa

TEL: +243 81 24 00 005

Ministère de l’Agriculture
Croisement boulevard du 30 juin et avenue Batetela

TEL: +243 970061270
WEB: www.agriculture-rdc.net

Ministre: Isidore KABWE MWEWU LONGO
Ministère du Tourisme
2e étage Immeuble SERKAS
Gombe - Kinshasa
République Démocratique du Congo

TEL: +243 99 40 04 869
EMAIL: info@mintourisme.cd
WEB: www.mintourisme.cd

Ministère de l ‘énergie
Immeuble REGIDESO/DG, 11 ème étage, local 1110

TEL: (+243) 0818102300
EMAIL: cate@cate.cd
WEB: www.cate.cd
Ministère des Finances

Ministre: Henri YAV MULANG
563, Bld. Colonel Tshiatshi
Gombe BP 2627 Kinshasa 1

EMAIL: info@bcc.cd
WEB: www.bcc.cd

WEB: www.senat.cd
CSAC Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel et de la Communication
Immeuble Bahati (Ex-3Z)  2ème étage  47
av. Roi Baudouin  Kinshasa / Gombe

TEL: +243 (0)12 51 00 104
TEL: +243 (0)12 51 00 103
EMAIL: contact@csac.cd
WEB: www.csac.cd
Guichet Unique de Création d’Entreprise
482, Av. de la Science
Commune de la Gombe

TEL: (+243) 8222.84.008
TEL: (+243) 125.101.299
EMAIL: guce@guichetunique.cd
EMAIL: guichetuniquerdc@yahoo.fr
Assemblee Nationale
Palais du Peuple
Lingwala I/Kinshasa

EMAIL: Info@assemblee-nationale.cd

President de l'assemblee Nationale Aubin Minaku
Presidence/Palais de la nation
Avenue Tshatshi, Kinshasa Gombe

WEB: www.presidentrdc.cd
Boulevard du 30 Juin, n°33C (across from REGIDESO) Kinshasa/Gombe

TEL: +243 99 99 25 026
EMAIL: anapirdc@yahoo.fr
WEB: www.investindrc.cd

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