WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On October 1, Foreign Minister Raymond Tshibanda N'tungamulongo of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) delivered a speech on behalf of the government at the 70th meeting of the United National General Assembly in New York. Mr. Tshibanda’s address highlighted a number of major issues in which the DRC is engaged on the national, regional and international levels.

Below are key excerpts from Mr. Tshibanda’s speech. A video of Mr. Tshibanda’s speech in the original French and translated English can be viewed  HERE, and the full text of the speech in French can be found HERE.

On democratic elections:

Mr. Tshibanda said that upcoming democratic elections “will engage the Congolese public in a durable culture of democracy. Despite multiple logistical and financial constraints, the Independent National Electoral Commission, with the support of the government, is committed to and preparing to rise to the challenge of organizing transparent and credible elections, in a peaceful atmosphere. "

 On economic progress:

The DRC, Mr. Tshibanda noted, “is one of the most dynamic countries in Africa today, with an annual growth rate consistently higher than the sub-Saharan African average from 2010 to 2014. In 2014, the rate was at 9.5%, the third-highest growth rate in the world. The DRC also boasts an lower inflation rate of one percent over the last three years and a remarkably stable exchange rate."

 On stability and security efforts:

Mr. Tshibanda said, “We can affirm, without fear of being contradicted, that despite the persistence of several residual pockets of insecurity that we are actively working to diminish, security and state authority has been reestablished in almost all of the national territory.”

On the DRC’s commitment to address climate change:

Mr. Tshibanda stated, “we are committed to making responsible sacrifices without compromising our development. From this perspective, we have devised and submitted an Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) containing focused mitigation measures in four priority sectors—agriculture, forestry, energy and transport.” He also said that as part of this contribution, the DRC has set a goal to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent, or the equivalent of 77 million tons by 2030.”

On business opportunities and partnerships in the DRC:

Mr. Tshibanda stated, “The DRC today is a big work in progress with an abundance of business opportunities and openness to all partnerships, as long as they maintain our sovereignty, don’t damage our vital interests and are mutually advantageous." He also noted that “new laws have been adopted, and others are in progress, that will benefit the liberalization of the electricity and insurance sectors, for the promotion of ‘public-private’ partnerships in agriculture and infrastructure, and for attracting and retraining both domestic and international investors."

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